ISMD 2011 Excursion - Heart of Hiroshima

General Information

We will have an excursion in the afternoon of Tuesday, September 27, 2011. The excursion is included in the registration fee for the symposium participants. You may also apply for the excursion for accompanying persons at a cost of JPY 5,000- per person upon registration.


There are two partly separated courses. The both courses share the first part, "Make Your Own Okonomiyaki" at an okonomiyaki sauce company. Okonomiyaki is one of the most beloved local foods in Hiroshima, a little like a pancake but not a sweet like its Western version. (Note: There are two major kinds of Japanese pancakes called okonomiyaki, one in Hiroshima and the other in the Osaka area, but they are actually quite different and native Hiroshima people do not admit the Osaka style, and vise versa.) You will be guided to make your own okonomiyaki, and then enjoy it as a (sorry somewhat late) lunch, at the company. A can of tea or juice and a Momiji Manju (a local sweet of Hiroshima) will accompany your lunch. You will also get a bottle of okonomiyaki sauce as your souvenir.

The second part will be of your choice. The number of participants in each course will be, however, limited by the capacity of the buses. It is hence recommended that you register for the course of your choice early, at the registration desk at the symposium site, Mori no Yado. You will receive a ticket indicating your course, on the first come first served basis. Please register for one of the courses and get your ticket by the afternoon coffee break on Monday, September 26.

Course A (red ticket): Atomic-Bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Museum
The other UNESCO world heritage in Hiroshima and a prominent feature of the peace memorial city
Course B (blue ticket): Japanese Garden Shukkeien
A traditional Japanese style garden from the 17th century


Common Part

The excursion buses will depart from a parking lot at Miyajima-guchi (mainland) at 13:15 on Tuesday, September 27. See map for the location. The participants should move to the meeting point as soon as the morning session ends, without having a lunch, via a ferry. Please make sure you get on the bus on your course. Each bus will have one of our students on board who will guide you through the tour. Please hand in your ticket to him/her when you ride the bus.

The both buses will arrive at the place of "Make Your Own Okonomiyaki" at around 14:00. After your very local experience for 2 hours, they will then leave there at around 16:00 toward their own next destinations in the central Hiroshima city.

Course A

The bus A will take you to the Atomic-Bomb Dome at around 16:30, where you get off the bus for a 90 minute free time. You will be provided with an entry ticket to the Peace Memorial Museum, which is located in the Peace Memorial Park in a walking distance from the Dome. You will be picked up by the bus at a parking lot in front of the Museum (NOT at the Dome where you get off!) at 18:00, when the Museum closes. See map for the location. Please be sure to be in time, or you may need to find your own way back to Miyajima.

Course B

The bus B will take you to the Japanese Garden Shukkeien at around 16:30, where you get off the bus for a 90 minute free time. You will be provided with an entry ticket to the Garden. You will be picked up by the bus at the same parking lot you got off in front of the Garden at 18:00, when the Garden closes. Please be sure to be in time, or you may need to find your own way back to Miyajima.

Common Part Again

The both buses will come back to Miyajima-guchi (mainland) at around 18:45. Since we schedule NO evening session on the day, you are free to enjoy an evening in your way. Enjoy!

If You Like to Drop Off

In case you like to stay in central Hiroshima longer, rather than to come back to the Miyajima area by the excursion bus, please notify the guiding student on your bus in advance, so that we do not have to wait for you in vain.

Coming back from central Hiroshima to Miyajima-guchi by your own is in fact pretty easy. The easiest way is to catch the tram #2 to Miyajima-guchi. Please ask us if you need any help.

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