Access to Miyajimaguchi (宮島口) and Miyajima-island (宮島) in Hiroshima

Outline to reach Miyajima-island (宮島)

An incomplete but convenient digest to reach Miyajima-island (宮島) can be found in here and more comprehensive information can be found in official page of Miyajima-island. Please remember that you must use a ferry from Miyajimaguchi (宮島口) at the end of your travel.

From your country to airpots in Japan

There are several airpots from which you can reach Miyajimaguchi (宮島口). The locations and informations on airports are available here .

From airpots to Miyajimaguchi (宮島口)

The fastest way to find connections is to use hyperdia-timetable . You can search for connections from the airport you use to "Miyajimaguchi" as your destination. A typical search result from Kansai airport to Miyajimaguchi is shown as follows. In case you arrive at Hiroshima airport, you would need the time-table for limousine buses from Hiroshima airport (Platform No.2) to Hiroshima Station (Shinkansen Exit), it is obtained from here. Note that you should NOT choose the bus departing from Platform No.1 in that time table.

An output from hyperdia

From Miyajimaguchi (宮島口) to Miyajima-island (宮島)

You need to use a tourist ferry for around 10 minutes to reach Miyajima-island (宮島) from Miyajimaguchi (宮島口). There are two kinds of ferries operated by two companies. The time tables from JR Nishinihon Miyajima Ferry and from Miyajima Matsudai Tourist Ship are available, where "発" indicates "from" in English. You should check whether you can catch a ferry from Miyajimaguchi (宮島口), if your hotel is reserved inside Miyajima-island on your arrival day.